Turf Product details

Our 3 most popular models:


DreamTurf Natural

Our natural synthetic turf product looks great year around. Similar look to real grass lawn in Hawaii. DT Natural is a 5 color thatched turf with a 70 oz. face weight and is 1-7/8” in pile height. This turf has excellent traffic resistance and is a good choice for those looking for a lawn that looks more natural. Rolls are 12’ x 100’ and weigh 1000 lbs.


Dog turf-

Our new Dog Turf was specifically designed for dog kennels. It combines polyethylene and polypropylene turf blades forming a dense and soft surface that works great for dogs. Unlike our other turf products that are hole punched for drainage, Dog Turf's backing is unique as 100% of the back is permeable. We have also integrated an antimicrobial agent into the turf blades and backing to combat bacteria growth. Dog Turf is installed with a special coated sand infill that does not absorb making it very unlikely to attract any odors. Some manufacturers produce turfs made with nylon and also felt backings that may absorb urine and will lead to foul odors. Dog Turf is also very attractive and should warrant consideration even if you don't own a dog. The pile height on this turf is a bit shorter at 1-3/8" tall making it easier to clean than our other turf products. If you have a dog and want a great looking lawn, compare this turf to ANYTHING on the market and we think you will agree, there is no better option available.


Spring Grass- Kids grass

This turf has two names and two applications. We call it Spring Grass for typical landscaping applications and Kid Grass for installations for children in residential and commercial applications. The upgrades added to the previous version of Spring Grass is we added an antimicrobial additive and an antistatic agent to this turf, thus making this a perfect turf for kids! This turf is 65 oz face weight and 1-7/8” pile height with Polyethylene fibers. Roll size is 12' x 100' and weighs 900 lbs.